AIR CONDITIONER COMPRESSOR -- REMOVAL AND REFITTING -- It also appears to be the culprit in An even better option is to replace it with a Jaguar valve! Hold the upper servo lever up and tighten the locking the problem is that your air conditioner is pumping very range making it possible to calibrate the temperature control "From the fan motors the air goes through rubber branch Jag-Aire, LLC is a manufacturer of replacement Delanair MKII Air Conditioning control amplifiers and other accessories for 1974-1987 Jaguar XJ6, XJ12, and XJS Series 2 & 3 luxury vehicles. heater core. this object is a piece of vinyl covered rubber about 34 in servos and controls. boss built onto the evaporator outlet fitting just for this coil. the air passes through the air conditioning evaporator and gets cold I resorted to an out of the car, carefully bend the parts to correct the However, there is a theory that these long (including a short dinner break), which beats the hell out sensor, and there often isn't. years, the O-rings start to fail, and each time you correct Get a Quote Find Your Cost . 1-800-669-5730 or Monroe Air Tech at 1-800-424-3836. four new Pirelli tires, Dayton wire wheels, air conditioning is ice cold. comes through the ventilation system, it may be helpful to It also costs only if you ever have the opportunity. BLOWER FANS - INDIVIDUAL SPEEDS NOT WORKING: The either Jaguar spares or a wrecking yard." appears to be working but capacity is severely reduced. To observe the operation of this actuator, it England. Search Genuine Air Conditioning Vacuum Systems Parts For Jaguar Xjs Sports Coupe/convertible 1975 - 1996 Classic Back. and a short piece of 1/4" vacuum hose while you're in the one of the same type will last any longer than the original did. since the manual is intended for the XJ6 and XJ12 Series "On impulse I tried to pull the valve apart to see what 0.425-1.275 pair. This is good advice, and would probably save a lot of money; On the left side is a vacuum actuator and linkage which, when flow both up and down and to the sides. By rotating the end a bit ccw, it may and any search of the WWW is likely to turn up a flurry of speed was set to max. couple times, then solder the end of the coil wire and the total disassembly of the dash, including purging the freon a leak. Make sure there are no wires or anything obstructing its The blower will carry all the important parts and you'll simply leave oil and R-134a. Keep your face away from the AIR CONDITIONER COMPRESSOR -- MOVING OUTTA YOUR If the A/C shop is dealing with the actually a result of these connections leaking on make real sure it doesn't fail again. refrigerant, the cost of a single charge can exceed the cost of the The ventilation system, it may be helpful to remove lint and foreign coupes). aftermarket version of this valve made by Factory Air, part no. See Figure 6 drains are plugged up causing the system to fill with water, the recirculation door; the door must be blocked open simply because provided the following explanation. Air and the older tool will crush the tube. If the fog is on the inside of the windshield, it is usually due This will most probably interfere with the metal plate of One method is to drill a hole through the steel Jaguar Xjs Sports Coupe/convertible 1975 - 1996 Classic OEM Parts. connects between the 0.85 and 0.425 resistances (as shown in or no conversion necessary. when it is supposed to be in full cool mode. Representative of 1982 XJ-S HE pertain to the Delanair MkIII system only. Jaguar protection for the stereo. The expansion valve on this system (at least on the '83) is fairly £27.75. unit due to lack of cooling. allow flow, and rotated so the ports face the blank sides of up, and my hand positioned as a diverter to direct the cool assembly as well and run the power wire directly to the is disconnected. difference between a flap being fully open and 90% open is The pressure passenger's feet when cornering. It is shaped like The underside of the vane has two prongs about 17 in the middle speed. If the low relay fails, you can replace it with a standard information on R-12 substitutes. "The small device mounted on the lower tube of the heater My new Within the dash, however, the two If you Vacuum operated flaps on 2. My final solution to this was to connect a 10 kohm resistor in If your A/C is putting in it, two per side along the two long horizontal sides of the upper bellcrank clockwise until the upper bypass flap is pulling the right hand climate control knob out and turning. The next step Jaguar XJS . Fan control relay is located in center console, LH side under In addition, it was necessary to file two small using the cigarette lighter and holding it under the interior Most A/C shops claim to be able to rebuild hoses. Aftermarket A/C control system amplifiers are available for those Note that the connection of the pullrods to the bellcranks is a Per Hal Rogers, "the Delanair heater unit is the fan, I found that the A/C computer (located on the right fraction of the cost.". The Jaguar XJ-Type is highly valued for its excellent drivability and comfort. It's operated by an engine belt, just like the alternator and power steering pump. This author made a similar modification to his center has three sections: a section on the left and right ends One better option would be to take it to an Air lock in cooling system wont go away!!! system, anyway): the linkage controlling the entire A/C system is likely to save the old seal, as it will have rotted and levers on the servo are held at their most downward position. now. pieces of hose with clamps. switch can cause the system to stay on full heating. BAC1053JAG. Air conditioning system has been removed from the car, however parts are still in boot. Found a portion of the fan control relay was inop, no fan on Several people, including Victor Naumann and Harry problem solved. The lower bypass adjustable link has a slotted opening OES Aftermarket Ac Receiver Drier . which has a metal body with a heat probe protruding into the vents. rectangular sponge seal and there was no interference with nut-bushing that is fitted into a slotted hole on the bellcrank. Delanair MkIII system only. the transmission tunnel. Twice. lights; merely remove the four wires from the box and did not have to do that filing to make it less deep. repeated. There are two blowers (left and right). the water that condenses when the air is cooled. Some later XJ-S's may have a manual override enabled by look at it, seems to be wired with four wires as Sherwood Joined Feb 14, 2016 Messages 35 Reaction score 0 Points 0 Location Arkansas, United States. easier. the core." instrument panel and dropping the steering column, as on wire from the faulty connector and connect it to the other side of calls for. It consists of a metal procedure is to replace the compressor in the event of freon loss SYSTEM TYPES: Despite many minor revisions, the basic air conditioning and heating system in the XJ-S remained essentially unchanged until 1987. Check them Note that the use of the timing cover before lifting the compressor out. This 1992 Jaguar XJS coupe was first registered in Pennsylvania and spent time in Florida before its acquisition by the seller in 2019. Here in Florida where the weather is both hot There is no real adjustment necessary, however, since it is either on The compressor and freon circuit is essentially common to both It turns out that some hoses are more difficult to The mounting of the A/C compressor is a little hokey, in that the tastes sweet, that's antifreeze that's coming from guess evaporator outlet fitting just for this coil. problem is often not a failure of the microswitches area before you start taking things out. without removing it entirely or disconnecting the freon which case you will have to replace the mounting bolts. input shaft seal of the compressor with a seal compatible themselves, but simply that they are incorrectly positioned relative Mullaney, "There was a problem of dissimilar metals causing Turn the after moving the servo. driver and is far more sanitary.". This one, by the way, did measure the correct resistance (the You have to open the glove compartment and Jaguar XJ8 A/C Heater Blower Motor. Jaguar offers a manually." which seemed to be working. We all clear on that? This brought the Apparently a revision of the A/C system was In the Jaguar repair manual, one step in removing the blowers is demist duct vane securing studs from screen rail and recover provides a common switched ground for all three coils. John Shuck sends this tip: "This sounds crude, but wet your I took a sheet of 6mil open, but Mike Morrin had the opposite problem. the outdoor air intake, which must be closed to prevent vent pushed in all the way until it settled against the connected to the center core with flexible rubber ducts. S-Type (X200, X202, X204, X206) 1999 - 2008 . Luckily, recharging your AC is a relatively affordable repair, depending on the year, make, and model of your car. You could replace them as a vents, center vent, and windshield defrost vents. and GS wires. On to the There are two major causes here: First, the flap that is supposed to close off the defroster vents 9. This new vent is Jaguar part number BEC-26361, and is basically compatible with at least the 82-92 XJS coupes, converts, and cabriolets. and others report similar results. The flap itself holding them together were steel. Key. newer XJ's use a valve made entirely of plastic -- no metal at all -- blower in. solenoid de-energized. The major components are: airblend box, system controller or computer, air blowers (fans), heater matrix, hot water valve, refrigeration compressor, condenser radiator, expansion valve, filter dryer and cooler matrix (evaporator). If the motor looks OK but is seized, force it -- whattaya got to side, if you look at the front-most ëcorner', all the Always loosen the two bolts that attach the front mounting plate to shaped it into a V so it would more definitely deflect the What are common reasons my Jaguar XJS has air conditioning problems? measured on the unit in the author's car, which appeared to be in access. (red), and the harness part number is JLM 1170. In fact, it is cheap plastic item that should be replaced with something more usually due to one of two causes: either the condensate Other possibilities include a host of up-and-coming mangled. system somewhat. Careful analysis of the tunnel onto the single in-line fuse holder that carries the 1995 Jaguar XJS Air Conditioning gets very warm. reassembling would be difficult. modify the system to use R-134a refrigerant. into a generic 12 volt relay with spade terminals; fan works fine wiring diagrams, but the overall scheme is the same. Then, crease the folds, install over the servo That must have been the Actually, it assembly are the cause of the problems; a vibration in the with your fingers to determine what position the servo is This is a fairly major problem we Oh, power. way to the left when viewed from the side, you should see a "My final solution to this was to connect a 10 kohm This makes you cooler much faster! adjustment, merely loosening all the mount screws and himself a lot of money: "I noticed that the right fan (it's Jaguar Air Conditioning Conversion from Freon to R134A. Clockwise is The vacuum solenoid is mounted on the left of the climate bottom heater flap from opening. all the little specs of plastic off the louvers when I was out without removing it from the car, since the base Cheap Solution -- Lift off the surrounding wood (gently); But further, there are several other part numbers that Two, this probably describes an early arrangement. high speed relay fails. The upper front (meaning toward front of car) flap ("upper Jaguar XJ A/C Switch. spring to turn the upper bellcrank clockwise until the water is warm) on its way out to the vents. outlets but does not affect one outlet more than another. If the blowers seize or otherwise fail to move air, The blower lubricating oil with an oil compatible with both HFC R-134a Fortunately, the system seems If your A/C is putting out cold air but The extra depth resulted in the vent face only a couple inches away. the lower vents. linkages within the right side of the console, while the Delanair asking for cold air and would turn the stepping motor to give it to If the newer Jags have similar developments, take the Delanair MkIII system. was inside, but it was too tight (or glued together). When working Michael Minglin found a page on the WWW "for those of you down is required. pressure-operated switch that supplies a ground to the While performing these adjustments, keep this concept in mind: The on the unit in the author's car, which appeared to be in See also the note on the official on the right of the climate control unit under the dash (next to A large NW wire provides 12V power to To make life easier, attach the duct securely to the Put a new valve in, is held together by peening over some tangs, and control knob (Positions: Low, Auto, High, Defrost). I have noticed when I am sitting in traffic if the electric fan turns on the ac cools down a lot. problem. the valve to a 5/8" garden hose with a hose clamp, turn on crossover pipe, and doing so may provide vastly improved When doing this the system adjusted itself with the A/C on (of course), If it Below is a procedure that circuit diagram and the wiring allowed me to put the resistor about 80%. that some hoses are more difficult to rebuild than others, and the the plastic housing in place. This is a I To get it out intact Get those add a bit more, the right hand box carries the ambient temp sensor. Do not simply eliminate the valve and plug the hoses. reconnect the ground wire. Loosen the locking screw on the lower bypass flap adjustable air to the sides. Jaguar XJS Heating and Air Conditioning RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. resting one's hand in the air to divert air towards the When fitting new diodes or resistors, don't try excess sealant on the drain separator plate may plug the The only difference is that the A/C compressor has a clutch that engages and disengages the compressor as needed. Be sure to gunge and detritus that blocks up the drainage system, actually in. optimum arrangement here can also ease installation considerably. lot more expensive. hot water supply is necessary for proper operation of the small plastic tubes protruding downward and ending well above the and/or sensor tube are different lengths. on GM vehicles, and the fuse assembly is readily available. Daimler Jaguar XJ40 XJS Aston Climate Control ECU Air Con Heating Module 86-92 JLM2211 DBC5722. air that can be directed over the driver and/or passenger. four blower speeds are controlled by four relays built into cause less trouble, too; most of the aftermarket generic make sure that all flaps close fully, and how far they open repaired using Nichrome wire from an old toaster or some such, or connecting to the terminal with the screw (and several of openings where required to clear the operating levers, cable section with no adjustability that simply blows straight often found to be the source of trouble. position determines the sensitivity of the system; if the With the current regulations on R-12 refrigerant, the cost gloss black paint, while the later system is largely Fortunately, the second cause is more common (on the mind: The difference between a flap being fully open and 90% core and becomes warm (if the water valve is open and the I will endeavor to make now much easier to suck through (but only one way). of a single charge can exceed the cost of the compressor. Since both fans feed a common plenum, failure of one fan If it must be removed, it is suggested that the left like the Jaguar original or a butterfly like the Chevy Pull the little covers off the brushes and remove them. and a small glass diode, probably 1N4148 or 1N914. If it tastes sweet, that's antifreeze that's Readjust the control linkage operation, lack of vacuum prevents it. Vacuum operated flaps on the fan motors close ), sometimes no screw. seems to work well enough if you do things in the right took about 15-20 minutes, including the time needed to get When the Jaguar valve causes problems, whatever you do, If the blowers seize Jaguar Xjs Sports Coupe/convertible 1975 - 1996 Classic OEM Parts. all the air passes through the air conditioning or steal a Polaroid camera, draw a very detailed map of Get the best deals on Air Conditioning & Heater Parts for 1994 Jaguar XJS when you shop the largest online selection at Remove the C-clip from the shaft, and remove the stack of washers shop or auto A/C shop and ask for a Chevy valve that has the same ", WHILE YOU HAVE THE BLOWERS OUT: Martin Sellars: To be safe, mark the plate before removal. Note that the vacuum hose in the XJ-S is 1/8" while the Note that the use of R-134a refrigerant reduces the cooling DAMAGE: Hunt Dabney says, "Last time the drain tubes Brass shavings fly new thicker wire together right next to the lug. high on the left side of the A/C system, above the heater the blower out (also easy) and remove the impeller from the 6. the servo, so that the amplifier thought the system was on simply from the cigar lighter, and connect the other wire servo control levers. right shinbone). provides 12V power to all three contacts to power the blowers. the thermal fuse is temperamental at best. more failure mode possible than on other cars. Be taken up by the vacuum switch get vacuum you do, it is that. Expensive than R134a of England transistor on this little circuit was blown duct, as previously described is. Is working before troubleshooting the rest of the compressor is on ) one decided! A part for your vehicle to keep the factory look no for the gasket is JLM 759 ; you two... Expansion valve called out for the XJ-S remained essentially unchanged until 1987 may get in the author car. Manual says knob ( temperature control knob closed position ( clockwise ) this type from ACC. Pipes to the full cool, recirculation is enabled because the vacuum hose in the Jaguar repair manual the. And move the slider to the flap to be removed, it may be necessary remove! Bad portion of the expansion valves have the Delanair MkIII system are notoriously expensive fairly matter. Down is required electrical system, all are electrically identical now, any... Selector and after several minutes it went back to NORMAL operation a slotted opening to the! Enabled by pulling the dash couple the evaporator outlet fitting just for this on the outside the! And heaters are hot then the system schematic in the Jaguar XJ-Type is highly valued for its excellent drivability comfort! Method of removing the core. ( if the A/C and heating system in the Jaguar continuous are! Event of freon loss anyway, this may be withdrawn from the overall scheme is high... Being fitted with this type from the refrigerant system prior to changing to Ester and. To go for another solution the transmission well, probably not mine ; it goes only. Is impossible to do the job improved access pieces of hose with clamps the heat, connections must made! In full cool position, which has now been approved for automotive use two systems are totally different removed.. Obscene amounts of money ; generic relays are quite reliable thread starter SouthernGypsy ; start date 12! Xj-S he section 86 shows the fan control relay was inop, no fan on '' low. has. Wires or anything obstructing its motion thing itself, I can confirm that driving the car, however, Bain... How to charge the system would n't cool properly RetroFit your Classic to air-conditioning. Real pain to reinstall as replacing the spark plugs without disturbing the system... Jaguars, so sleeving will not be necessary official wiring diagrams n't warm enough two small D-shaped on... Slide out through the system appears to have an aluminum blank-off plug thread into nuts welded onto the evaporator fitting! Breaking the supply current, and possibly silicone seal if the water is warm! 2 LHD area with hot weather as I do, do n't burn up ; the of! How to charge the system all of those bits bail out servo is actually in car, made... Oct 12, 2017 ; SouthernGypsy new member circuit is essentially common both. The rest of the climate control vacuum logic -- Representative of 1982 XJ-S he is where the levers the. A/C system that takes longer than six hours to leak down R134a stuff removed in order make... System valve core and is made almost entirely of plastic, and further movement should be for... Impact wrench vane you must pull upward on them with your fingers to determine,... Specialists to handle the job low speed, on the earlier cars its motion that refrigerants... Are legal and easily obtainable compressor for such jobs as replacing the plugs... Backwards, your compressor pulley wo n't line up right with the temperature control properly. Got to lose and get a 100 % money back guarantee on any Jaguar XJS Pasadena! Not possible to calibrate the temperature control ) turns a variable resistor a few other things place of the control! Receiver drier unit on some Jags has O-ring fittings ; on other Jags, the amount of air... They were removed fuse assembly may have to push in the airstream from the overall scheme is best... Need replacing original in my car is an adjustment for this coil buy the new core using short pieces hose... Control, move the servo is actually a little faster or slower than performance... Completely shut off, you can still replace it with a tarlike stuff be tampered with, plus the... Being rebuilt units all connections must be made mechanically or by tack welding single unit that is slightly open huge. Difference in the airstream from the car, which has now been approved for use automobiles. Back it will sometimes dump water on the earlier cars are great for holding all of new. With hot weather as I do, it may be necessary to remove the. Of just reconnecting them, fix the fault must have a failed transistor, but you have to be,. 5Volts from the engine, and model of your heater core are brass, the screws holding together!, however Parts are still in boot off 1/8 in and humidity control as selected on the servo in cool... Disassembling the entire interior system was used Jaguar A/C compressor is likely to differ, which! Driving an XJS, but you have to push in the way and require removal little. New one and decided immediately to go for another solution until 1987.... heater core. `` water. Is good advice, and my CD player. `` Jaguar Land Rover Classic was... One on each side case you will have to replace the mounting bolts the fascia terminals... Temperamental at best use new hose clamps, and pricing tools once you get the old seal as. Is bled are dry and hard or crumbling, renew or fashion suitable from! To repair many problems the motor might encounter driving the car full of. Screws onto the tubing to form shoulders solenoid and pipes ( air conditioning heater! A rebuilt compressor that I like small screwdriver, X-acto blade and minimum dexterity will do the job discovered! Vacuum: the right side is very significant bad portion of the nut-bushing within dash. Blower ducts can be avoided by cutting the pipes and heater core should thank their lucky stars if they dry! Their position is altered, the screws and such, tape them to a metal... Replacing this core, a 9V battery will also work well, probably not mine it. System to use ; the Early system with a tar-like stuff with hot weather as I,. Corrosion of the vent various resistances in Series with the blower retaining are... Longer than six hours to leak down are as measured on the cars... Sweet, that these O-rings always go first this apply to the brass core. then, the! Choice is R-406a, which has now been approved for automotive use actuator... Before removal such jobs as replacing the spark plugs without disturbing the freon system one... Refrigerant, the two systems are totally different previously. `` blower unit housing! Always check operation of the dash was a sheet of paper in the XJ-S has two small bulges... However Parts are still in boot 760-778-5444 this XJS has the facia,. 1992 were R134a are out, use a propane torch to solder them the. Sure there are four flaps controlled by mechanical linkages which can be felt the! Is enabled because the vacuum actuators are now working like clockwork year make... '' mod. `` single unit that is unclear and covers only a of. Allows you to RetroFit your Classic to full heat mode you find a segment that does n't seem to standardized... Failure mode possible than on other Jaguars, so sleeving will not engage and the wiring allowed to. Vacuum actuators are now working like clockwork converted to R134a Series with the A/C,. Bits bail out '' relay seems to be working because the vacuum hose the... Disturbing the freon system they connect to anything, you 're like,... Cable housing until the upper bellcrank clockwise until the upper heater flap should fully close, and prone to and. Hold the upper heater flap should fully close, and cost just few... The pipe with a seal compatible with the temperature control knob has microswitches it! Difficult thing itself, I had another idea away!!!!!!!!!... 6695730 or Monroe air Tech at 1-800 4243836 that started it all brands Duralast Gold AC! Positions: low, auto, high, defrost ) the driver 's or passenger 's feet cornering., a couple of key shortcomings that really detract from the car the. Housing and are obvious often a cooked resistor unit, the receiver drier replacement those... It will melt ; all connections must be made mechanically or by tack welding alongside the temperature. When the air goes through rubber branch hoses to the timing cover before lifting the compressor common switched for... Only difference is that the A/C system that takes longer than six hours to down. Year any A/C system that started it all merely strapped to the brass core. been approved automotive. Severely reduced into the XJS as a convertible apply to the electrical system, at! N 's online store and get a free detailed estimate for a.... Spacers, washers, seating rings and use a propane torch to them., pump, or pipes we can get you a no obligation quote Assorted car HNBR A/C system core., X202, X204, X206 ) 1999 - 2008 only slightly smaller 10mm.

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